Hostel II

Hostel II is basically the same ride as its predecessor, except with more blood and more women (victims and aggressors). The main bad guys are older versions of the two frat bros from Part 1, their doucheyness calcified with age. In the sufferer’s corner we have three female-shaped cardboards — the horndog, the ditz and the sensible one. All the familiar ingredients get chopped and mixed in Slovakia for a second helping.

Writer + Director: Eli Roth
Rating: 2.25/5



Two backpacking frat bros go to a small town in Slovakia for a taste of European meat, but end up on a butcher’s table themselves. Welcome to the world of torture tourism.

Eli Roth seems like an intelligent filmmaker who does not want to burden his carefully curated tribute to b-movies with too much intelligence. His parade of stock characters do their best to quash any rumors of political subtext.

Writer + Director: Eli Roth
Rating 2.5/5