Fright Night (1985 and 2011)

The 1985 Fright Night was a mildly enjoyable horror-comedy. Charley is a horror-obsessed teen living with his mom in their suburban home. Their new neighbor (Chris Sarandon) turns out to be a vampire. The kid gets rid of him with some help from an aging horror show host.

Back then vampires were evil players like Chris Sarandon, who could spit and bite a mean game. In 2011, vampires are sparkly creeps who could all use corrective steaks through their emo hearts.The best part of the remake is watching Colin Farrell return this endangered beast to its former glory.

Screenwriter Marti Noxon and director Craig Gillespie keep what worked in the original and give a slick update to everything else. The new version is set in Vegas. The horror show host is now an illusionist. As Charley’s friend, Christopher Mintz-Plasse gets to add some interesting shades to his well-liked nerd. The fun begins with the brilliant opening credits (Prologue Films) and keeps getting better with 3D blood, digs at vampire lore and a Chris Sarandon cameo.

Director: Tom Holland
Rating: 2.5/5

Director: Craig Gillespie
Rating: 3.25/5


Hard Candy

Hard Candy Review

14-year old Hayley (Ellen Page, impressive as always) agrees to meet 32-year old Jeff after a flirty online exchange. She is a hyper-literate child who reads everything from Jean Seberg biography to thick medical books. He is the kind of creep who wants to hook up with her. Their first meeting is far more disturbing than the bloody torture that follows it. Hayley is angry at the world that lets people like Polanski get way with their crimes. Her creators could use some pointers from his Death and a Maiden.

Director: David Slade
Rating: 2.5/5